It all started when…

Born in 1951 , I grew up in Clawson, a suburb of Detroit, Michigan.  After attending Oakland University I became a Treasury Agent for the State of Michigan where I worked for 30 years.  My duties included those of a Warrant Officer, seizing and selling assets of delinquent taxpayers as well as some work with cigarette smuggling and tax fraud cases.

My writing started as many writers, because of a love of books and a story to tell.  Pontiac, Michigan, a city steeped in automobile history, became the setting for Benjamin Street, a historical fiction work.   Farhill Farm, a murder - mystery,  is based on my experience as a Treasury Agent.

I would love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments about my work or would like to follow me as I finish edits to Farhill Farm or my work in process sequel to this murder - mystery.  Suggestions always welcome.

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